Our Story

Delve into Amelia's remarkable journey founding The Address Club. Explore how her entrepreneurial spirit, keen insights, and commitment to personalised service have propelled The Address Club into a thriving venture, redefining high-value property transactions.
Our story

Amelia, a former television news reporter, embarked on founding The Address Club after discreetly assisting friends in selling properties. Remarkably, her entrepreneurial journey began early, as she managed a property portfolio from age 19. Recognising a burgeoning demand for off-market sales, she skillfully transformed her initial assistance into a thriving business, leveraging her TV background for networking.

The Address Club, stemming from Amelia’s journey, capitalises on her unique insights. She astutely recognised the limitations of traditional platforms like RightMove and Zoopla in catering to high-value property transactions. Driven by a desire for discretion, property owners sought vetted buyers and a personalised approach—distinctly different from the impersonal nature of conventional estate agents.

Amelia’s venture thrives on the exclusivity of off-market deals, positioning itself as a haven for those valuing confidentiality and bespoke service. Her distinctive background in television reporting not only amplifies her networking skills but also underscores the paramount importance of confidentiality in delivering a highly personalised service.

Amid The Address Club’s expanding footprint, Amelia actively shapes the growth trajectory. Despite the expansion, Amelia maintains her commitment to excellence, promising to remain accessible to clients, thereby preserving the personalised touch that defines The Address Club’s success. Amelia’s early foray into property management adds a unique layer to her expertise, showcasing her long-standing commitment to the real estate realm.

Hi, I’m Amelia. Are you ready for my story?

The concept of The Address Club evolved from a personal desire to serve people on this exciting, personal and transformational chapter of their lives; to act with ethics, values, confidentiality. We're all about personalised service, innovative strategies, and real results. Find out why we're the go-to choice for a hassle-free selling experience that suits your needs.

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